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Brian Ohrbeck Hansen
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Dear WAsP/WAsP Engineering user,

As you may already have been informed through the WAsP Newsletter (email) sent out on 2012-01-31 by Rikke, our timeline for WAsP CFD is: Demonstration at EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen and release towards the end of 2012.

Our vision for WAsP CFD is "Accurate AEP Anywhere". WAsP CFD will be easy to use and provide fast, cheap and consistent results. We achieve this by combining WAsP and CFD, exploiting the strengths of both products.

The development of WAsP CFD has come far and thus we will probably not be able to meet any major feature requests in the demo version. However, the WAsP team want WAsP CFD to become very valuable to you as well as to other potential users! Therefore, we would definitely like to know what you and other potential users are hoping for? Why is this exciting? What do you think we'll make? What would be disappointing for you? What would be great?

Note that WAsP CFD is developed in cooperation between Risø DTU, EMD International A/S and Vattenfall A/S, and WAsP CFD will be available through WAsP as well as WindPRO.




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Yes, we are desperately waiting for WAsP-CFD model & expecting that Risø may add some additional small tools [GUI] , like, inter-turbine measurement scale, facility to place desired radius circles. " Site description" or WTG ID label display in the map window (Within WAsP).

Secondly, also expect that WAsP-CFD to do automatic RIX corrections for each location.
Improvement in wake losses calculation.
Liberty to use multiple wind mast data for one site.


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Hi Imran,

Thanks for your suggestions. There are several feature requests there, it seems.

WASP CFD (WAsP 11) was indeed released in Spring 2013, so is now available.

In WAsP 10, there is already a facility to draw turbine radius circles on the map display. There is a button on the spatial view toolbar for this.

We are not yet supporting automatic Delta-RIX corrections in the program. There is on-going scientific debate about whether this should be implemented as an automatic step.

What kind of situations are you hoping to see improved wake loss calculations?

If there are multiple met. stations which can contribute wind climate information to a resource calculation, we still feel that the decision about how to reconcile them is an expert decisions which must be made manually: there is no automatic method that should be offered. But we could perhaps change the program to simplify the process. What's your method in such cases?


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