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Exception occurred in Fuga-64 'ComboBox9Change'


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When I add a new WAsP workspace in Fuga, the following error message occurs:
Exception occurred in Fuga-64 'ComboBox9Change' routine while reading WAsP hierarchy
TWaspHierarchyFile.load>TWaspHierarchyFile.load>TWaspHierarchyMember.load>TWaspHierarchyMember.load>TWaspHierarchyMember.load>TRveaWindAtlas.load>Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)

When I open an old workspace generated with WAsP 11 everything works fine.
But when I open the same workspace, now calculated and saved with WAsP 12, the error occurs.

Is there a way to solve this issue?
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The file format of the WAsP workspace file has changed, because of the new air-density corrections of the power curve in WAsP 12. We will prepare an update to Fuga, which supports the new workspace format. If you are in a hurry you could work with input from WAsP 11.

Morten Nielsen
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