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PyWAsP 0.6.0 and Windkit 0.7.0 released

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We have released new versions of PyWAsP and Windkit.

Both versions include breaking changes, but only a small number.

The highlights of Windkit include improved interpolation routines, several improvements to the map conversion tools to create polygon data from your roughness line maps, and additional derived fields for weibull wind climates. Full release notes can be found at: https://docs.wasp.dk/windkit/release_notes.html#id1

For PyWAsP the hightlights include a bugfix to the license manager on Windows, so now this should work correctly. We have also updated the dependencies, and aim to follow the SPEC-0 versions of our Scientific Python dependencies. This means that Python 3.10 is the oldest version of Python supported with this release. You can now use WAsP CFD results files for estimating your predicted wind climate, and we have improved the performance of the AEP calculator. Full release notes are found at: https://docs.wasp.dk/pywasp/release_notes.html#id1

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