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Full automation for all WAsP users [Repost]

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This message was originally posted on 2018-01-05. The text became unavailable for some reason, so I am re-posting it now.

Hello automators,

Happy New Year for 2018.

I wonder if you all noticed the interesting news which accompanied the release of WAsP 12 last

WAsP 12 is being released With a new licence, called the "suite" or "bundle" licence. It's different
because it includes WASP, WAT and WAsP Engineering, and it's now an annual subscription.

What's more, the new licence allows by default full developer access to the WAsP object model. You
no longer need to buy a special developer licence.

This means that if you develop some custom application or spreadsheet which uses the WAsP model
Without the GUI, then you can share that with all WAsP users in your organisation - or indeed with anyone in the world. You are no longer limited to scripts executing within the GUI context.

I'm aware that there is no complete documentation for the WAsP Object model API, but if you're
already working with scripts, then you're most of the way there already. I'll be happy and interested to
answer any questions here in the forums.

We really hope that this will let people make use Of the software in new and powerful ways.

Best wishes, Duncan.
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