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"Type mismatch" problem

Dear all,

we have a Reference Site with a Generalized Wind Climate calculated from an OWC, which calculates fine on most of our computers. However, one colleague in our French office encounters a 'Type mismatch. ' error when he does the calculation. Do you have any idea what might be causing this error? The exact error message is:

Could not process the menu action because ... 
    could not do all calculations for a member because ... 
    unable to perform all the pending calculations because ... 
    could not do the reference site calculation because ... 
    could not perform site assessment for a reference site because ... 
    the system reported that:
    'Type mismatch.'

There must be some relation to the specific setup of this computer, since the same .wwh file calculate without error on most other machines. Thanks for any suggestion!


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Alberto Orso
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Re: "Type mismatch" problem


could you please send to waspsupport@dtu.dk the information you will get displayed on that machine, under the WAsP menu: Help > WAsP on this computer? Along with the issue here described.


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