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WAsP Error related to the map


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I was working on a project but I keep being unable to upload my vector map. The map includes roughness and orography information and I believe it's the roughness that's causing the problems. This is the error message shown: 

             '?' doesn't look like part of a number. raised at: 2023-02-16 09:33:56
    Exception raised in: En Rvea0254:mParsingTools:AssertNumeric
    Message added: Could not extract numbers from a string expected to contain only US/UK format numbers: '0.1000 ? 13'
    Exception raised in: En Rvea0254:mParsingTools:ExtractNumbersFromString
    Message added: Failed when reading body of an ASCII map file
    Exception raised in: En Rvea0254:cVectorMapMapFilter:ReadFileBodyASCII
    Message added: Could not restore a vector map from map file
    Exception raised in: En Rvea0254:cVectorMapMapFilter:RestoreMapFromFile
    Message added: Could not restore the map from file
    Exception raised in: En Rvea0254:cVectorMap:RestoreFromFile
    Message added: Failed to restore map instance
    Exception raised in: En Rvea0254:VectorMapClass:RestoreInstanceFromFile
    Message added: Could not open a vector map from data file
    Exception raised in: Rvea0334:cVectorMap:OpenDataFile
    Message added: Could not insert a Vector map from file 'Oli_Tot_V02' to the hierarchy
    Exception raised in: Rvea0334:cHierarchyInsertionFromFile:InsertFromFile
    Message added: There was a problem with the insertion
    Exception raised in: WAsP:cWorkspaceController:ExecuteHierarchyInsertion
    Message added: The insertion was not successfully completed
    Exception raised in: WAsP:cMemberPopupMenuMediator:ProcessInsertionFromMenu

The roughness information was imported through a shape file made of polygons and the roughnes lengths were included directly in WME. I´ve tried check for issues in the WME, and when I open the file I do get a warning about "Curves with missing or invalid height/land cover properties encountered" but I can´t find them in the display window. Any advice on how to approach this?

Kind Regards, 

Lidia N

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The WAsP map format is documented in the WAsP help file section Technical reference>WAsP file formats> Terrain map>Wasp vector map. The line in your map file where the reported error occurs seems to be the header of a roughness changes line, which specifies a 13 points with z0=0.1m on the left-hand side and just a question mark for the surface roughness  on right-hand side. Question marks are not allowed, hence the error.

Try to open the problematic map file in a normal ASCII editor and search for question marks. If the file is full of them, then you probably have to import the shape file again. If you only find a single or a few lines with this problem, then try to first edit them in the ASCII editor. Maybe replace the question mark with a real but very unusual z0 value like  '0.1000 10.0 13' instead of '0.1000 ? 13'. Then save and open the file in the WME and correct the problematic surface roughness value here. 

Map file format.png

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Hi Lidia,

For your specific case you might also look at the QGIS scripts we have made for handling WAsP maps. QGIS is open source software and used for many GIS applications. The WAsP scripts plugin has a specific script "Polygons to roughness lines" that does the step from polygons with a single internal roughness length to a left and right-hand size roughness length, which is the format that WAsP expects.

You can find some materials (incl. a video) here:



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