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Hourly energy output


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I was wondering if there is an option in wasp where i can get hourly results for net energy production of a wind farm for a full year. Maybe there is a script that gives this result?

Thank you very much,

Best regards


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Hi Inés,

We know that time series of power production has many applications, but we have not yet found a way to support this in WAsP. 

WAsP is basically designed to work with climate statistics and predict annual energy productions. One might use the flow corrections of WAsP to translate wind conditions for each record in a reference time series to individual turbine sites, and I think our partners at WindPro offers a module, which follow this approach. There are however some general concerns:

  • WAsP operates with wind sector statistics, e.g. effects of roughness changes are modelled as average corrections for each wind sector. Real terrain might be more complicated.  
  • The background wind profile in WAsP includes the average effect of atmospheric stability, but not time-dependent variation of atmospheric stability.
  • Wind conditions measured over 10-min periods at reference mast and site of prediction are not perfectly correlated for individual records in the time series. This de-correlation is expected to depend on the distance from the reference site, terrain, wind speed, turbulence, mesoscale convection, etc. Realistic time series simulation may have to include a stochastic element to model these effects.
  • The standard WAsP wake model does not include effects of variable atmospheric stability conditions affecting the wake development. The model also ignores wake meandering causing fluctuation in the wake loss.  

These concerns may not be relevant for all applications, e.g. you might consider the above-mentioned effects as acceptable uncertainties. 

Best regards,

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Hi Inés,

I just remembered one more reservation:

  • WAsP applies the geostrophic drag law for conversions between actual and generalized winds. This law works well for wind climate statistics, but you often see deviations from the geostrophic balance when considering 10-min measurement periods and the site of prediction is not close to the reference site  


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