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  1. Hi, I am planning to do a WASP CFD calculation. I saw in the wasp course that the met mast must be covered with a tile too (besides covering the wind turbines). I am guessing that for validation purposes it is useful, but since the CFD solver only takes into account terrain features, do I really need to cover the met mast with a tile? Also, I have several met masts for this particular case. Thank you!
  2. igarcia

    Forest height

    Hi, Thank you very much for your fast reply, it was very useful. Do you recommend introducing the displacement height in the altimetry map in the map Editor, rather than substracting it to each turbine hub height in WASP?
  3. igarcia

    Forest height

    Dear Wasp team, I am in the process of modelling a wind farm that is located in a forest, so I have some questions regarding this topic: - First of all, what do you recommend to get the canopy height in order to calculate the displacement height? I have found this database: https://glad.earthengine.app/view/global-forest-canopy-height-2019 but I would like to know if you have recommendations on how to measure this value (besides going to the location and measuring, of course). - Secondly, I would like to know what is the canopy height at which we should start considering the ar
  4. Hi, I am creating an Observed Wind Climate in Wasp Climate analyst and I have data for 6 years, and some of them are non consecutive. For example, I have 2012 and 2014 but not 2013. When I choose view selected data, WACA "joins" the last measurement from 2012 to the first one from 2014 to recreate 2013 data. Is this right? I dont want the program to do this. How can I use these years as independent data? Thank you very much Inés
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