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Method of calculation of weibull parameters A and k

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Hello Team,

I was not able to find anywhere which method is used to calculate the weibull parameters A and k. Can anyone confirm the method of weibull estimation used and whether there are any special approaches taken by WASP in the estimation? 

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Thank you so much.

I was specifically looking for the calculation of weib_A_combined and weib_k_combined values which is obtained from downloading the wind data from Microscale API https://wps.neweuropeanwindatlas.eu/api/microscale-atlas/v1/get-data-bbox

Do they use https://docs.wasp.dk/windkit/_modules/windkit/weibull.html#_fit_wasp_m1_m3_fgtm as well for the calculation of weib_A_combined and weib_k_combined ?

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Yes that calculation is similar except you don't need the fgtm (frequency greater than mean) variable, because the inputs for NEWA microscale are sectorwise A and k's, the fgtm is only required when you have a wind speed histogram as input. The first and third moments are calculated from the wind direction frequency weighted first and third moments and then you can use `_fit_wasp_m1_m3` to find the combined A and k from those.

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