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Terrain Grid Data disappears when adding Turbines to WAT

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I have problems with WAT:
1. when I 'prepare data for WAT' in WEng and open it directly in WAT, it opens and all is fine so far. But in the next step, when I prepare data for WAT for different sites/hubheights and save it in Excel and then import in in WAT (add more WAsP/WEng results), the Terrain Grid Data Object disappears and I just have the two sitegroups. There are Turbulence results in the result window, but I'm afraid that they don't consider the terrain height anymore?

When I export the Terrain Grid Map from WEng and import it in WAT, it is shown outside the Project 'folder'. If I try to drag&drop it to the project, I get an error message (EAccess Violation occured...)

2. When I prepare both sites/heights as Excel files and try to import them in a blank WAT project, no effective Turbulence Ieff is calculated, it only shows 'NAN's in the Eff. turbulence table resp. the 'Ieff,site' column. Also there, I cannot add a terrain grid map to the project, see above. Am I missing something? How can I calculate the eff. Turb. Intensity when starting the WAT project from scratch?

Best Regards,
Rainer Cordsen


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update to the second point: Now it calculates the eff. TI. Don't know why, I changend nothing? Perhaps waiting one hour solved the problem 😉

The first problem is still there, the Grid Data disappears when adding site groups to WAT.


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Hi Rainer, 

Thank you for reporting this. I assume that you are using the new WAT 4.7, and I also used this for testing. 

Your method is correct, and I don’t think you misunderstood anything. I can reproduce the first reported problem, where the map is placed outside the project tree. Furthermore, WAT gives error messages when I try to move it or delete it. This is clearly wrong and something which needs fixing. 

You wonder whether the error affects the results. The terrain elevation data are used for evaluation of terrain complexity and thereby the Cct factors and turbulence results. If the map is missing WAT will use the maximum Cct factor of 1.15. In my test, the misplaced map object does not affect the results at first, but when I select new turbine sites, WAT found the map object even though it was misplaced. Maybe you can use this as a temporary work-around, while waiting for an amended WAT version. To check the Cct used for the turbulence calculations you can look at Reports for selected turbine> Terrain complexity

I do not fully understand the second reported problem where you imported two sets of WAsP/WEng data and observed NaN values for effective turbulence results. Most likely the data were not imported correctly, but I you like me to check, then please send the resulting WAT project as an attachment of a mail to waspsupport@dtu.dk. You do not need to explain much, just refer to this discussion thread. 



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