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Generalized wind climate files


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Dear WAsp Team 

Its seems to be new features (Not sure if its new features or its my mistake) with WAsp 12 regarding using of Generalized wind climate files. When i try to do new project and insert GWC from file, WAsp shows me Red triangle (calculation constraint) There is no observed wind climate associated with wind atlas. I used some old wind atlas files and even some file downloaded from the global wind atlas website but its the same. I can remember that i am following the same procedure for slightly more than a year before and it was ok but not now. I will keep reading if there are some new changes but if you have any helpful input pls. do share it with me.


Thanks in advance


Salwan, VIA University college/Horsens-DK

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A location is now required for your GWC file, perhaps it is related to that. The newer version of WAsP requires a location to retrieve relevant meteorological variables around the site of interest to calculate the air density and the atmospheric stability. If you want a more definite answer, you can share your workspace by attaching it here or by writing to support: https://www.wasp.dk/support

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Thank you very much for your kind reply. Does that mean, all the old GWC files that we have will not work unless we create our new GWC file? but I also downloaded one GWC from Global wind atlas website for some location and the same problem also appeared. The Support portal is not working properly and it freezes after a short time. Is there any email i can send my concerns in?





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