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Wind farm report


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Good afternoon!

I was taking a look into the reports that can be generated from different elemens in the hierarchy, and within the wind farm one there are a few concepts I don't understand. Especifically I want to know the difference between MWh (free) and MWh (Park 2), and what the efficiency in each sector reffers to. If this information is already provided elsewhere I'd be content with that I just haven´t been able to find it.


Thank you!

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The difference between MWh (free) and MWh (Park 2) is that the first one does not calculate wake effects (effect of one turbine on the other) and the second one calculates these effects using the Park2 model (see e.g. here: https://orbit.dtu.dk/files/151671395/Park2_Documentation_and_Validation.pdf). The efficiency in each sector is the AEP in MWh using the Park2 wake model divided by the AEP without considering wake effects (but in percent).  

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