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Impact of different elevations of measurements points of the wind data is so big


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I have used the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) for the 150m hub height wind data and made the AEP calculation. The results seems to be realistic with the mean wind speed 7.66 m/s but when i do the same with 50 m  hub height wind data the results seems to be much more higher with mean wind speed with 9.34 m/s. The AEP calculation is performed for the wind turbine with hub height 150 m. The met station is also placed nearby the windfarm.Why the impact of different elevations of measurements points of the wind data is so big ?

A better understanding of the interpolation of WAsP would be good and how its processes the wind speed in the different elevations for the AEP calculation. 

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Hi, I guess you are trying the do something similar as the user here:

I.e. using WRF model output as input in WAsP and then doing a dowscaling. WAsP is designed for working with measurements so what you are trying to do is difficult and not a recommended work flow. It would be better to use the generalized wind climate that are generated from NEWA directly, but these are unfortunately not available online. I will ask a colleague if and when we can make these available. Until then, it is better to use the global wind atlas import functionatility in WAsP, which does this process for you (i.e. downloading nearest generalized wind climate). The global wind atlas is also based on WRF simulations with ~3 km resolution, just like NEWA.

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