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Combining different Wind Atlases in the same format into one Wind Atlas


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I have with me Wind Atlases covering 2km area. Since the area I am examining  is larger and to get one wind atlas covering whole area I have to combine these individual wind atlases to one. These are the points. Each point is a square 2km x 2km wind atlas. In the background is my area of interest. Now the challenge is to combine all these wind atlases covering the area of interest into one wind atlas.

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Hello Shehan

If you have LIB files for each "point" you can use the LIB interpolator tool in order to generate one wind atlas (LIB) for the entire region. In this tool you may prescribe your own weighting function or use the automatic weightings applied by the LIB Interpolator. The interpolated LIB file can be imported into WAsP and used like a normal wind atlas. Please read the LIB Interpolator help file for more information.

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Hello Alexandre,

Thanks for introducing me to Lib Interpolator. I have 289 wind atlases to add to get the interpolated wind atlas for the whole area. 289 Wind atlases cover the whole area on interest so there is no interpolation happening basically adding them together to get one wind atlas. 

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