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Mesoscale coordinates to lat/long?

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I had a couple of questions I hope someone can help with. I have been able to download some data from the mesoscale atlas, but am struggling with getting the data to position correctly. How do the south_north and west_east values relate to lat/lon, and how can we interpret them as such? I can view the associated CRS in Panoply and display the data there but when I try in anything else (using the CRS defined) everything plots in the wrong place.

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You could use the windkit package (pip install windkit) to convert to latitude longitude using the function reproject. However, it won't be a raster anymore because the coordinate spacing varies in both south-north and west-east. So you can only plot it if you keep the original projection, which is given in the variable "crs".

import windkit as wk
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import xarray as xr
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