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Analyse monthly simulation values


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Hi all, 

I have operative data (both in production and wind speed data in a met tower) of two certain months of a certain year in a wind farm. Based on the wind speed data, I'd like to model the wind farm in WAsP and perform some analysis of the simulations when compared to the real production data.

I understand that WAsP provides only AEP results, and maybe this question is a bit basic, but if I develop a .tab file based on only the two months of measurements, which is best way to obtain the simulated production during these two particular months, would it be simply dividing the AEP/6? Alternatively, could i use the WF Power curve functionality of WAsP and then crosss the WF Power curve with the measured wind speed/direction data?

Thank you very much!


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If there is no annual variation in your wind resource then it is as simple as you describe: you just use the tabfile to calculate the AEP and and divide by 6. There is also technical and electrical losses in the wind farm that are unaccounted for in WAsP, so you will have to estimate those as well.

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Thank you Rogier. Just to confirm, by annual variation you mean interannual or within each year that the wind resource varies each month? If the latter, why wouldn't the division be applicable? 

Regarding the technical and electrical losses, yes I am considering those aside. 

Thanks again!

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