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I am using some VORTEX data for a preliminary resource mapping of a potential wind farm site, where there is no measurement available yet. As you might be aware, VORTEX is a type of "modelled" re-analysis data. In particular i am using VORTEX MAST 20years average (Virtual met mast - VORTEX (vortexfdc.com)). The data provided is in .tab format and is an averaged "observed" climate (the same that would result when processing measurements through the climate analyst). 

My question regards how local topographic (orography and roughness) effects should be treated: if i insert the .tab file in WAsP, the software reads it as an observed climate, thus it applies the effect of the local topography on the observed climate as if it was a met mast. However, i strongly doubt that the VORTEX modelled data are actually affected by local topography. How would you recommend to process the input data from VORTEX? 


Thank you 

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Hi Filiberto,

You are right that you shouldn't apply the high resolution maps from WAsP here. What you actually want is the roughness and elevation map that were used in the numerical model that is used by Vortex (WRF). At DTU we call this a 'generalization' (see here: https://orbit.dtu.dk/files/244458690/DTU_Wind_Energy_E_0218.pdf), i.e. cleaning the numerical model output so that you get something similar as you get when you clean an observed wind climate of local effects. This process is in fact what is done in the global wind atlas (https://globalwindatlas.info/), i.e. we run WRF for a long period (10 yrs) and generalize using the modelled topography. There is a new feature in WAsP 12 where you can import this generalized wind climate directly from the global wind atlas. This is the way that I would use numerical model data for preliminary wind resource mapping. If you really want to use the data you have you would need to get hold of the roughness and elevation map of the WRF setup that vortex used to do it 'correctly'..


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