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WindPro WEng Calculation Problems Using WEng4.0 & WEng3.1

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While I was working one of my WPP project with Windpro the Site Comliance WEng calculation did not work with high resolution with WEng3.1. I realized that maybe WEng4.0 could made this calculation and I plugged out from WEng3.1 & plugged in WEng4.0. After all, I need to continue my calculation for my other projects, WEng3.1 did not work and it gives an error something like that;

Error 1;




Although I try to load WAsP Suite, WEng modules again, The Windpro WEng is not working.


Thanks for your support.





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Hi Erkan,

Both of the attached WindPRO error messages say “project class failed to create a new project instance” which indicates a problem with the installation. I also see a button called “show bug report” and I guess that you will get detailed information when you press that. If that does not help you, I suggest that you contact WindPRO support.

If I read your question correctly, you were able to calculate with WEng 4.0, but now are having problems going back to WEng 3.1. I don't know whether the two versions are supposed to co-exist under a WindPRO installation. If you were running our programs directly, I would recommend that you switched to WEng 4.0. Actually, we no longer support WEng 3.1 (latest version is from 2015) so I no longer have it on my PC.

Best regards,

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