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Uncertainty in Extreme Wind Report

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Hello WAsP-Team,
we used the latest Wasp Engineering to calculate a 50 year extreme wind report (Script: "Applied EWC report: 50 year winds for all sites and heights").

The result (50 year wind [m/s]) is given with a factor of uncertainty (+/- 1,7 for example). I would like to know what the factor represents. Is it a standard deviation or some kind of exceeding probability?

Thank your very much.

Best regards,
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Hi Windfrosch,

It is a standard deviation of the extreme wind estimate associated with the uncertainty of the fitted statistical model for the extreme-wind distribution. There are actually alternative models, see the post at http://www.wasptechnical.dk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1060
When running the script you mention WEng will use the model defined by the selected extreme-wind-climate object, either annual maximum (AM), peak over threshold (POT) or spectral correction method (SC).

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