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WEng and WindPRO

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I'm using WAsP and WEng in WindPRO to generate the flow model in the SITE COMPLIANCE module (with no mast data). For some reason, WEng calculation shows the error saying that it can't be performed when using geographical coordinates. I tried to use 2 position types in the linked Site Data Object, user-defined (with coordinates) and linked to another object in the project and it still doesn't work.
Could someone here help me to find how to fix this error, please?
Thank you,
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Hi Victoria,

Mark forwarded this question to me, but I am afraid that I cannot help much. All I know is that the flow model of WAsP Engineering operates with a local coordinate system which must be Cartesian with metric coordinates. However, if you try to connect to our servers you also need to describe the map projection and datum for your map projection, e.g. UTM 30 and WGS84, so the system can transform your local coordinates to geographical coordinates.

I am not familiar with WindPro. It might operate with the same map conventions as WEng, but it is also possible that some information needed by WEng is provided automatically without troubling the user. Maybe you have a user guide for WindPro, which can show you the correct way.

Not sure what a 'position type' is, so it is probably a term specific for WindPro.

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