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WaSP MAP Editor. Scaling the Vector map with Bitmap.


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When scaling the vector map to the raster Bitmap image in the WaSP map editor. The software displays the error shown below. I have tried to calibrate it by selecting three distinct points on both maps in an attempt to line them up. Different locations for the fixed points have been tried along with different coordinate types. Because of this I cannot create a scaled roughness map which is required to create a Wind Resource Grid (WRG) file. The error states that from the specified calibration the backround map has extensions of 20000m (W-E) by 20000m (S-N). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear Tomas,
I cannot reproduce your error: for me the calibration of image in the map editor seems to work fine. I think it is better if you send your map, image and coordinates to the WAsP support (waspsupport@dtu.dk) so we can take a look and try to reproduce the error.
Best Regards
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