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AEP calculations changing project density


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I have changed the project density to 1.14 kg/m3. I am aware that this value doesn't affect to AEP calculations, since these calculations are made from the wind turbine power curve.

In this project, the closest power curve I have is for 1.15 kg/m3, so that's the one I use.

However, when I change the project density there is a first alert message: "The wind turbine generator does not have performance table to match". And when I try to calculate the production at a reference site with the mentiones Porwer Curve for 1.15 kg/m3 "The AEP for turbine site 'Ref 1' cannot be calculated because: there is a mis-match in air density between the project and WTG performance table."

How can I solve this? Why AEP can not be calculated if this calculations don't tak einto account the project density?

I have changed the project density to 1.15, but I would like to keep the real density (1.14) but perform AEP calculations as well. is that possible?

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Thank you very much.

However, if a have a WASP file with two projects, one of each with two different turbine models and different power curves available (i.e. 1.09 and 1.105 for a project density of 1.10), is there a solution that allows the energy production calculation for both WTG?

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My question is about density too. I am not able to get the power curve & thrust coefficient data for particular density. Most manufacturers do not provide thrust coefficient data. I know there is a formula to calculate it. Is there anyway we could incorporate that formula when we create WTs using WTGs?

Thank you
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