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WAsP Engineering Error handling

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Dear Team,

I am facing a lot of error message to calculate extreme wind climates, but I have no idea how I can use error messages. I have no clue how to report these error message.
could you please guide me?
Could not perform the action requested because ...
the 'Calculate a generalised extreme wind climate from 'MM24_Full at 79.0 m'' operation could not be performed because ...
could not explore (or perform one of) the operations available for a selected thing because ...
could not convert the OEWC to an REWC because ...
failed to end a job on the progress monitor because ...
the system reported that:
'Local exception: The job tag does not match the tag of the job on the top of the job stack.'
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Hi Gyeongil,

Sometimes you can use an error messages to guess what is wrong, but in many cases it is mainly useful for the programmer. The auto-generated text lines are associated with exceptions in the code, i.e. unexpected events which disturbs your calculation in various ways. You often see a chain of exceptions caused by a number of routines calling each other. When you report a problem to WAsP support (using 'Help| Email technical support') it is usually a good idea to copy-paste the error message into your email describing the problem. Another useful approach is to include some test data enabling the programmer to reproduce the problem.

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We had a case last week where another user was seeing exactly this error message. The problem here is that the error message code itself has a bug and is not displaying anything useful for you.

In the other case, the underlying error was actually that the calculation ran out of memory on a very very large domain. But because of the bug, the correct error message was not displayed.

We have fixed the code already and the fix will be distributed to everyone with the next release.

Is it possible that your error wsa actually the same? You could try reducting the domain size. In any case, you can email your project to us at wasp support and we can investigate further.

Cheers, Duncan.
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Hi Morten and Duncan,

I think the main problem is the domain size of the project. unfortunately I cannot reduce the domain size as the wind farm is planning in the complex terrain site with four masts covering 16 -20 wind farm and neighboring wind farm of 5 project(300MW).
I think the problem could be due to large domain with a 10m contourline interval plus spot-elevation. the domain size was prepared mainly targeting CFD model. so most probably you are right. but I don't think it is not a problem of Memory itself as we are currently using 16-32GB ram in personal computer. I think sonner or later WAsP should be run under x64. as it is still run under x86, so whatever the User has enought Ram, the program could not use the all available resources.
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