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Negative Wake Effects


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Hi Clanker,

If you select the single-wake page and display a crosswind profile of the velocity deficit you will usually see some undulations outside the main wake. A slight deficit (actully a speedup) next to the wake might be realistic, but it is hard to believe such effects further away so we think that the undulations are caused by a numerical problem in the progam. This undeciered 'model feature' might explain small errors in sector-wise AEP results. You are welcome to send a test case to WAsP support if you see errors are significant and suspect that something else might be wrong.

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Thank you for the reply Morten. That might be the explanation. I will experiment a little bit more. Also. I'm sometimes getting error messages when I try to open my workspaces in Fuga. Could you enlighten me on what they mean? The errors look like this.

Exception occurred in Fuga-64 'allWakesAndFarmAvail' routine while checking windfarm availability
Tlogger.stop>MemoryUsed>Range check error


Exception occurred in Fuga-64 'ComboBox2Change' routine
Tlogger.stop>MemoryUsed>Range check error

Among other routines(showCombinedWakeProfile, etc.)
All seem to be related to different routines, but they end in >MemoryUsed>Range check error.
Does this have to do with my computers RAM?
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You could try to reduce the memory usage following the Fuga help file section 'Further information>Fuga speed and memory usage'. The most important tip is that Fuga consider turbines with different hub heights as distinct turbine types, so it is a bad idea to specify individual hub height if these are on the order of a few centimeters.
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