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Faster way of placing turbines


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I'm currently designing a very big park, and I want to place lots of turbines quickly. I also want to tweak and adjust the layout by moving/rotating whole arrays to optimise production. But I find WAsP a bit intimidating to work with in this issue. As far as I know, there are two ways to place turbines. By entering coordinates, or by ctrl-dragging. And I can't seem to mark and ctrl-drag several turbines at once.

For a software with this calculation potential, is there no easier way to "design" the layout? What method are you guys using to quickly place multiple arrays in correct alignment?
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For anyone wondering the same thing. I found a more efficient way by creating the layout externally in QGIS. There I made a grid of points in a vector layer on my map which can be easily rotated and manipulated. I then exported the coordinates, then copying and pasting into WAsP using the "insert sites from the clipboard" feature from the right click menu in a wind farm.
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