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Smaller Wind Turbine Generators


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You need an input file for the wind turbine generator you want to use in your project. The first step is to estimate the average air density for the site, e.g. by the air density calculator under the 'tools' menu in WAsP. Next step is to contact the manufacturer and ask for a power curve and thrust coefficient curve for the turbine operating at the given air density. If they dont supply these data in WAsP format, you launch the WAsP Turbine Editor, also found under the 'tools' menu, type in the turbine information and export the data to the file which can be used in WAsP.

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I am not able to get the power curve & thrust coefficient data for particular density. I just got standard power curve table (with no density mentioned). Most manufacturers do not provide thrust coefficient data. I know there is a formula to calculate it. Is there anyway we could incorporate that formula when we create WTs using WTGs?
Thank you
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Just use the power curve you got and you'll need to assume it's standard air density. But you could / should ask them if you should use something else. The CT curve is used only when doing wake calculations. You could take one from another, similar, turbine . There is a program called Turbine Editor included in the software package, I think, and you can use this to make the file needed for WAsP if you don't have a good one from the manufacturer. Duncan.
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