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Add WRG file into WindFarmer


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Hello there,

I am trying to add the grid resource file calculated with WasP 9.1 into WindFarmer However, I always get the following error message: "error reading line 2 of wind resource file - a value appears invalid".

So I have been playing around with the values in line 2 and it turns out that the last 17 numbers have to be lower than around 220 otherwise this error occurs. Well could anybody please explain what I might do wrong?

My second line created with WasP appears like this:

GridPoint 294233 623459 301 50.0 19.0 1.666 7077.92 12 79 151 185 66 204 196 67 158 183 52 137 186 30 128 181 47 135 180 87 177 159 166 292 241 167 222 187 108 178 176 63 140 189 69 137 192

Thank you very much


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Hi Trubert,

The format of the WAsP WRG file is explained in the WAsP help file section 'Technical refference| WAsP file formats| Resources grid'. The first line describes the grid layout and the folling lines are data records for each grid point. They have the format

- Text string (10 characters) identifying the site/grid point
- X-coordinate (easting) of the site [m]
- Y-coordinate (northing) of the site [m]
- Z-coordinate (elevation) of the site [m]
- Height above ground level [m a.g.l.]
- Weibull A-parameter for the total distribution [ms-1]
- Weibull k-parameter for the total distribution
- Power density [Wm-2] or power production [Why-1]
- Number of sectors
- Frequency of occurrence for sector #1 [%·10]
- Weibull A-parameter for sector #1 [ms-1·10]
- Weibull k-parameter for sector #1 [·100]
- Frequency of occurrence for sector #2 [%·10]
- Weibull A-parameter for sector #2 [ms-1·10]
- Weibull k-parameter for sector #2 [·100]

and so on for all sectors. Your mean wind speeds are suspiciously high, i.e. 14.3 m/s in general and 22.0 m/s in sector 8, according to my check. So you should go back to your WAsP (or WindFarmer?) project and check if there is something wrong.

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Thank you very much Morten,

I have been looking for the 'Technical reference| WAsP file formats| Resources grid' file, however this is inaccessible. You might want to check that.

Will look into my mean wind speeds then. Your help is appreciated.

Kind regards

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