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IEC Turbulence Simulator doubts

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I am a new user of the standalone IEC Turbulence Simulator and I have some questions:

1.if the unique difference between "comspec" and "windsimu" is the way of introducing the data or there are more differences.(I only was able to obtain outputs from "windsimu" but when I run "comspec" it is like it does not recognize what I have write at the input file).

2.how can I obtain the output files from "windsimu" in a format that I can read, just to see what I am obtaining.

3.at the open sea option, is the heigth above the sea surface the reference heigth of the wind velocity that I am giving?

4.does it use a coherence gust?

thank you, best regards.
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Hi Aitor,

Comspec and Windsimu are two programs made prior to the Turbulence Simulator. Their use are described in two PDFs normally shiped with the software (not really part of WAsP Engineering). I can mail them you if you write to our user support system. They do not attempt to simulate a coherent gust, but the simulated turbulence has realistic coherence.

Best regards,
Morten Nielsen
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Hello Morten,

thank you for your answer, I already have the two PDF.
What is this Turbulence Simulator, that you have mentioned, for?
I need to get wind files to insert in a different program that use these files to introduce a wind spectrum (sesam-sima), with the files that I have obtained from "windsimu", is it enougth or do I need the Turbulence Simulator?

thank you again, regards.
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