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UTM - Lat Long Southern Hemisphere


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Hi there,

I haven't used WASP for so long.

When I transfer the projection from LAT-LONG WSG84 to UTM 34 I get wrong values for the Coordinates.

e.g. N -33.400002° becomes N -3699083.5m the correct value would be 6220000m S

I guess the mistake is that I can't change the hemisphere in Wasp and Wasp try to refer my values to the northern hemisphere.

Would be nice if somebody could give me a hint.

Best Regards,
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There was some confusion in early versions of WAsP 10 about southern hemisphere coordinates. This issue has been resolved now; so if you install the latest version of WAsP 10 (which you might get at http://www.risoe.dtu.dk/WAsP/Download/Software/WAsP10_Installation.aspx) you should have no problems at all. I would recommend uninstalling any and all old versions of WAsP 10 first, before installing the latest one.
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Thank you for replying so quickly.
You are right we are still using version 9.xx
I will speak with my administrator if I can install the newer version.

I hope this solves the problem.

I've already invested to much time on this issue because Google Earth has a bug as well if you install the english version on a OS with germane language settings.
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