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Inserting resource grid from file


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I think I understand now.

Note that the WRG RSF formats are export formats from WAsP, and are not useful internally. The idea is that if you want to use the WAsP results in WindFarmer or OpenWind (or some legacy application which depends on those formats), then you can dump some part of the grid results out to file and take it from there.

There's no way to open a WRG/RSF in WAsP 10 again. If someone wants to share a grid with you, then they should probably send you the workspace file, or maybe the project.

But that advice doesn't help your situation, because someone has sent you a bunch of WRG files and you want to examine the data which they contain.

Each WRG actually contains about 40 interesting grid maps, I think (elevation; all-sector a, k, P/AEP; sectorwise a,k,f ). Which do you need?

The format is simple and well-documented. Could you write a script or simple program to extract what you need from them?
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I was given RSF files along with the corresponding WRG files too, actually. Does this make it easier to transfer into something useful?

OpenWind is usually able to open WRG's and then it can do energy capture calculations with them, and also export them to grids for mean speed, power densities, etc. But for some reason these WRG's I have are giving me some coordinate error when I try to import to OpenWind. I'm posting a question about this to Nick on his forum.

So it's too bad that WAsP cannot open these files, or even convert them. I can write a script, perhaps. It looks like there was once a utility to convert rsf to grid, which I found on the WAsP utilities page, but I was unable to run the program because I didn't have a password.
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Hi, I wish to perform a similar operation. I wish to open the Wind Resource Grid created in WAsP using a GIS program, therefore creating a raster of the wind resource grid. I have used WAsP in the past, but I do not have access to a fully licensed program at present. Is the RSF grid format the ideal format for creating rasters, rather than a WRG file? I would greatly appreciate the rsf2grd program aswell to my user email.
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Hi. Note that you don't need a licence to run WAsP: only if you want to do some calculations. So you can open WAsP workspace and view and export the data without a current licence. One export option allows you to get a Surfer GRD of the all-sector power density. (Is that what you mean by a raster of the wind resource grid?).
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