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Doubts with wasp release from 9.0 to 9.1

Jose Luis

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I have a doubt with the software release from 9.0 version to 9.1 because, now that the software has been released, the number of calculations in a project has been increased considerably, for example, now when i finish the structure of a project and go to "do all feasible calculations", the software start with wind atlas calculation, then with wind farm calculation and the last is resource grid calculation, but now, when the resource grid calculation stops, the software re-start to calculate the wind farm and the grid resource again, at least three times. I don't know if is a new software feature or a problem with my software release.

I hope that you can give an answer for my doubt, thanks for your time!
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Hi Jose, this doesn't sound right at all. I can't think of any reason for what you see, but I'm surprised that we haven't noticed it ourselves. I have emailed you directly to ask for an example workspace. Has anyone else noticed anything like this with the new WAsP 9.1 release?
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Hi again Jose, thanks for sending me the workspace.

I see what you mean about this problem. But as far as I can tell the calculations are performed twice, not 'at least three times'.

This is an error in our code housekeeping (made by me I must confess). It was fixed properly in WAsP 10, but this change has not been carried back to WAsP 9. I'll sort this out ASAP.
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