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WAsP Scripting documentation...

The subject says it all ;-)

It's annyoing knowing that you can do so much with the built-in scripting capabilities (I use it extensively in WEng) but it's extremely difficult to get any kind of overview of the methods and fields that are available without any form of documentation.

My hope is that some form of documentation is made available.


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WAsP team
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Re: WAsP Scripting documentation...

Argh! We know that this is needed, but it's a matter of how we spend our available time. The WEng2 scripting documentation was quite a big effort and we still don't really know whether it was worthwhile (because we could just handle individual requests like this instead whenever they arise). WAsP would be a bigger job by far because the architecture is designed to support a much more interactive and flexible workspace GUI.

But these are excuses. To be honest we no plans to produce this documentation in the near future. If this is something that lots of people need, then please let us know by posting here to say do, or emailing us directly.

Meanwhile, the existing scripting documents do include a list of the common interface library interfaces (Rvea0027). Have you discovered that? I have also run an automatic tool on the WAsP programatic DLL which produces an HTML file with all the interfaces available to WAsP. The DLL is called Rvea0134 in WAsP 10. You can get that HTML file using the following link:

http://wasptechnical.dk/Services/Redire … f966b37915

Sorry I can't offer more at this stage, but keep asking specific questions here as they arise and we'll try to help


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