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Loading Wasp for students in a lab

I am loading Wasp on our computers in one of our labs the program is installed with the administrator account (as users cannot run programs as administrator on our system). We then have a local account for users to login with and use.
The install guide states
“You may install the software for all users of the computer, not just yourself. Then the software will be configured separately for additional users when they first run it. At this point there must also be access to the installation MSI files.”
We can login as the local account and setup the program, no problem, but when a student logs into the network everyone gets Wasp setup for them. Is there a way to disable this once we have set it up for the one local user so that it is nor setup for any other user.



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Re: Loading Wasp for students in a lab

By following steps below WAsP is installed and visible only for a local user account, under originally installed. If you now log in to the computer with AD account or another local account you won’t see WAsP in your profile&programs at all.

-install WAsP 11 while logged in as a local user without administrative rights, an installation asks elevated user rights, use for it an account with administrative rights
-When installation asks Installation type: Anyone who uses this computer or Only for me. Select, Only for me

Hope that's helpful,

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