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Best HASP drivers?

Installing Wasp 9.1 to work with WindPRO 2.9 on a terminal server.  We had this working with the previous Windows OS, WindPRO 2.8, and Wasp 9.1 but are having issues setting it up correctly this time.  Most recent Wasp license manager provides Hasp drivers with a 2006 date.  What is best HASP driver configuration to use with the dongle and Wasp 9.1?   

Last time we were able to make it work to see the dongle directly with Remote Desktop with your assistance.  Hoping for the same great help again.  Thanks!

Also with Aladdin being purchaed by SafeNet and VMware Server no longer available, an update to the FAQ notes on Remote Server access is needed.

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Re: Best HASP drivers?

Hi Bruce,

My colleague Marko has done some more recent investigations into how to setup remote access to WAsP. I think there were a couple of third-party products which might help, depending on your configuration.

He's on vacation now, but when he's back in a couple of weeks. We'll update the FAQ page, as you suggest.

Meanwhile, I should point out that the new WAsP - version 11 - doesn't use a hardware dongle at all. Have you considered an upgrade?

We're in the process of updating the way the licence system works with network / remote desktop logins. At present, it counts as a separate installation if you run locally and over remote desktop. That's not the intention, so we're going to change things to make it more convenient.

Let us know what kind of network configuration you want to get working. We can try to ensure that our upcoming changes take account of everyone's needs.



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