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Brian Ohrbeck Hansen
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WAsP 11 released

The WAsP Team is happy to announce that WAsP 11 is released on 29 April 2013.

WAsP 11* is the latest version of the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program, which now includes a fundamentally new approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for wind resource assessment in complex terrain**. We call this new feature WAsP CFD and it combines WAsP with the CFD solver EllipSys in the elegant WAsP graphical user interface that you already know.

The design philosophy of WAsP CFD has been a joint model approach; you set up the WAsP project and can subsequently opt for a CFD solution if the site complexity justifies the added computational effort. WAsP CFD will add value to wind energy projects by helping you maximize production and minimize uncertainty.

WAsP CFD offers the possibility to make wind resource assessments in complex terrain which are:

• Accurate: EllipSys adapted specifically for flow over terrain and WAsP CFD developed specifically for wind resource assessment
• Reliable: Reproducible, high quality calculations, applying the Wind Atlas Method
• Fast: Only a few hours per WAsP CFD calculation
• Easy: No knowledge about CFD needed
• Cheap: Low price per WAsP CFD calculation, no hardware investment necessary and no CFD training needed

Other major new features in WAsP 11 are:

• New Terrain Analysis hierarchy member
• New Generalized Wind Climate file format replaces the Wind Atlas file format
• Profile model and parameter settings are now part of the Generalized Wind Climate file
• Unlimited number of points in WAsP terrain map files
• Dongle-free license system

What does it cost and how do I order it?

WAsP 11 license

• EUR 3500 for one WAsP 11 license
• EUR 1750 per additional WAsP 11 license
• EUR 525 per upgrade from WAsP 10 license
• EUR 1000 per upgrade from earlier WAsP versions

WAsP CFD Calculation Credits

• EUR 200 per WAsP CFD Calculation Credit (1 area/tile of 2 km by 2 km)

During the first month after release, the first 75 organizations/companies to buy WAsP 11 licenses will get 10 free WAsP CFD Calculation Credits intended for WAsP CFD calculations of a couple of complex terrain sites.

As WAsP 11 is a dongle-free version, we will be able to send you the licence file by email, as soon as we have registered your payment.

We hope that you will be as excited about WAsP 11 as we are!

Best regards,

The WAsP Team


* Please note that WAsP 11 no longer refers to Tall Profiles. WAsP 11 now refers to WAsP CFD (and dongle-free licensing, etc.). Tall Profiles will hopefully be released in a later WAsP version, when we are able to conclude that it's providing a significant and consistent improvement over the standard WAsP profile model.
** Please also note that WAsP CFD is not yet for assessment of wind load parameters, e.g. turbulence and flow inclination angles. We have started the work on WAsP Engineering, which will allow you to use WAsP CFD for this purpose. In the meantime, you can continue calculating wind load parameters using WAsP Engineering in the present version.


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