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Why WAsP have not Undo and Redo (2008-02-02)

Hello! I have noticed this problem for a long time. Even the lastest version of WAsP haven't Undo and Redo function. If you modify some of the site positions and find the calculated AEP is less than before, how can you undo the operation. Although backup is a good practice,undo will always be better.By the way, WAsP Map Editor have the same problem.



It's true, WAsP and WEng and the other programs don't have undo. We know that this is really irritating and would like to offer it. It will be one of the highest design priorities for WAsP 10.

In the meantime, please notice that you can undo a site move. If you change a site location, then you'll find that one of the things you can do (right click on the site) is 'Move such-and-such back to so-and-so'. I hope this provides some palliative assistance while we work on a proper solution!



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