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Insert local turbulence data

I re-post my problem of how to insert a local measured turbulence intensity data file ?
When I try to insert a turbulence intensity file consisting of mean TI and stdev on TI, in the format as described in the WAT help menu (TXT or Excel file), I always receive the following message:

"EZeroDivide occured in WAT 'RadioGroup10Click' routine while calculate reference turbine site
Exeption message=Floating point division by zero"

I remember that I read a post on this forum stating that the project options should be changed, but this has no effect on my problem.

I am really looking forward to a quick response since I received no reaction on my previous post dating end of December 2013 and since any help support for WEng or WAT is really lacking: I did not receive an absolutely necessary user manual for both applications, and contacting the WAsP Team for any support doesn't get answered.

Has anyone a telephone number from the WAsP Team ?

Looking forward and hoping that I can start using the software for what I bought it.

Thanks in advance,


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WAsP team
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Re: Insert local turbulence data

Yves, we have had a mix-up in getting an answer to your question about the user manuals. I have now sent it again.

I have also emailed you directly to follow up this question of the WAT error you have seen. In the other thread (http://www.wasptechnical.dk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=747) we asked for some data to reproduce the problem, but apparently we have received none. Let's clarify the situation and get things working for you.


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