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Air Density and WAsP

I am just reposting this from the Air Density Topic:

I have used this function in WAsP and it seems to give out good results.
There are, however, some limitations that I believe could be addressed.
As you say, the air density will not affect the AEP on other than the power curve, so it seems this function works more like an 'alarm' for us to select the correct power curve than anything else. I believe that WAsP could easily select the power curve automatically.
Going a bit further, the air density of some sites are not any of those supplied with the power curves, and so sometimes we need to adjust that to match the power curve, which is not ideal. It would be great if WAsP could just interpolate between two power curves to the air density we have selected.
Finally, if you were to put in place an automatic calculated air density, you would probably need to include a provision to either calculate average air temperature on the Climate Analyst, or to actually calculate air density when there is enough data available (temperature, pressure, and eventually %HR.
Both of these numbers could be translated in the file as a single number (average T or Air density)
An ideal situation would be for wasp to calculate air density at each point of the map based on altitude and the average temperature, but this would probably add a whole other layer of calculations to the program.

just some thoughts, hope they are useful.


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Re: Air Density and WAsP

Good points. Thank you.


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