#1 Re: WAsP Engineering » Editing project parameters » 2014-01-20 14:48:52

You are the second user to notice this. It's a bug which we will fix soon.

Meanwhile, I was able to get the buttons to be available by scrolling down to another set of options (Ruggedness index calculation) and making an edit there. Maybe that trick can help you while we fix the problem.

#2 Re: Map Editor » Importing WAsP Map files and DXF Files - Overflow and layer-problems » 2011-11-07 15:49:30

Hi Inq,

Thanks for your post. It seems that you sorted it out and it's good of you to post back and share your fix with others.

I hope you don't mind my moving your post to the Map Editor forum: this is where we usually handle things relating to different file formats and data imports.

#3 Re: Map Editor » How could i get "Vector MaP" » 2010-04-12 15:51:26


I am closing this topic. Please continue in the other similar topic.

#4 Scripting and automation » Getting Wtg performance table data (2003-10-09) » 2009-11-26 15:42:26

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Here are some examples of the methods and properties you need to get access to the data in the power and thrust curves:

Set Wtg = TurbineSite.AsICalculatingHierarchyMember.CalculationByType(ectProductionRose).Associates.WindTurbineGenerator



This solution works as expected. With a bunch of loopings wrapped around we now have all applied power curves completely and unambiguously displayed within the report. Customers can check immediatly wether the power curve does or does not match the data that they received from the manufacturer for their project. This has been missing so far.

Customers also asked to display information about the generated power per rotor area. This is also done in the report now.

Kind regards

C. Berndt


Glad to hear that it worked.

It's actually possible for the script to get access to just about every piece of information that can be displayed by the GUI program, so reports can include everything that can be done in WAsP.

We're hoping to provide more documentation about the scripting interfaces one day, but in the meantime please just ask if there are any particular areas for which you'd like to have examples.

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