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issues generating resource grid (2009-07-02)

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Hello all,

I have received a new desktop (dell Optiplex 960) with a different model video card (ATI Radeon HD 3470) and am now running WAsP 9.1. When I open a workspace, double-click on a resource grid, select "Spatial Grid" tab and choose AEP from the drop down, and then maximize the window and zoom, often only the upper left-hand quadrant of the grid will have any color, and the rest will not. Has anyone seen this issue before? It is very urgent that I receive some guidance on this error.

thank you,




Was this resource grid was previously calculated? Was it displaying correctly on your old computer? Does it display correctly on another computer? Does it display correctly if you don't have the window maximised? Can you try using the standard WAsP sample workspaces. Do you see the same phenomenon?

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