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WAsP12 and WAsP11 projects

Antoine MOLIN

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Hello Antoine,

I'm a bit confused by your question. The set of available projections in WAsP has not changed between WAsP 11 and WAsP 12, as far as I know.

Lambert is not included in the list. The latest Map Editor does support Lambert, but WAsP 12 has not yet received a corresponding update. So for WAsP work, Lambert is not yet possible. I don't think it was possible before, though.

Best wishes, Duncan.

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Hi Duncan,

There was no problem to work with Lambert 93 coordinates under WAsP11, but, ok,  it is not possible under WAsP12; the problem i have is to transform roughness maps, from Lambert 93 to UTM;    which is not easy.  

Well, i was working with 2 PCs, one with WAsP11, and one with WAsP12,  but only one now is left, with WAsP12;  i asked WAsP support to know if i can install WAsP11 after WAsP 12 on my PC left, without answer at that time...

Best wishes

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Is the problem perhaps that we started to require a projection to be specified, and in earlier WAsP you could use Lambert or any other projection? The only time we needed the projection was for Google Earth rendering, so if you skipped that you could probably keep working.

Now in WAsP 12 we depend more strictly on the projection because we need to offer auxiliary data for the GWCs.  I guess this is what you've found: you open an old project and we start nagging you to set the projection, and you can't find the Lambert projection there?

We are working on this, but I can't give you a date for a fix, I'm afraid.

If you have WAsP 11 installed, and you run the latest WAsP 12 suite installer, then 11 will be updated to the latest version, but version 11 is not installed if it hasn't been installed previously. Do you have and old WAsP suite installer including W11? If not, then email me directly and I'll send you a link.


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