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PyWAsP 0.5.2 and Windkit 0.6.3 released

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We have released new versions of PyWAsP and Windkit.


The highlights of Windkit include further improvment to the writing of wrg/rsf files,  the ability to read polygon based landcover features, and enhanced the bounding box object. Full release notes can be found at: https://docs.wasp.dk/windkit/release_notes.html#id1

For PyWAsP the hightlights include a bugfix to the gross_aep calculator, where previously all turbines were assumed to be stall regulated when performing air density adjustments. Now you need to define a variable `regulation_type` on you wind turbine variables, which ensure the correct air density adjustment is applied. Full release notes are found at: https://docs.wasp.dk/pywasp/release_notes.html#id1

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