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WENG4 with WAsP11

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Currently, we have a WAsP version 11.6 license and we are planning to purchase the latest version of the WAsP Engineering software (v. 4). Does the WAsP version 11 support WAsP Engineering V. 4 or do we need to purchase the new WAsP Bundle license. What is the associated cost?

Please advice.

Best regards,

Asela Jayasinghe


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I suppose that WEng4 is still compatible with WAsP 11, but we only sell WAsP Engineering as part of the WAsP bundle, so I recommend that you upgrade to WAsP 12 to take advantage of the latest model changes in WAsP.

You can read about the cost and order from Wind energy industry-standard software - WAsPIt has been some years since we switched to the WAsP bundle license with yearly subscription, and I am not sure whether you still can avoid the first-year sign up fee as an existing WAsP 11 user. Maybe you should ask about this in a mail to our sales office at wasp@dtu.dk 


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