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Coordinates of the weather stations used by the EWA (2003-10-17)

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Dear people of the ForumWAsP,

I am an engineer working for a wind company in Spain. We purchased Wasp7 and WindPRo last year. I am using WindPRO habitually and although commonly, for our future wind farms, I use our "own" wind statistics deduced from data gathered by our weather stations, for a certain set of sites in France and Spain I will need to use the Wind Statistics files (lib files) within the EWA-CDrom.

I wonder ( and my boss did also ): what degree of uncertainty can reach a production assessment using one of those Wind Statistics (depending on distance of the site, quality of the wind data used for creating those Wind Statistics )?

What rule should I consider to estimate the quality/goodness of the result of a calculation ( Wasp or Park calculation ) when using one of those Wind Statistics?

I would be grateful to receive any answer from you,

Your sincerely,

Mario Gómez-Ruber
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