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WAsP-CFD Resolution Height lines

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Hi WAsP Team.

As you can see in https://www.wasp.dk/waspcfd/flow-model in section "Preparing the height countor map":

"..., the CFD model uses a fixed domain size (radius of 15 km) and grid resolution (grid size of 20 m) irrespectively of the digital map.""

"The zooming grid of the IBZ model as well as the CFD model indicates that the countor line description close (within 2km or so) to the prospected site(s) should be as detailed and accurate as possible (countor separation of less than 10 m)...."

I would like to understand if WAsP CFD have a limit to "accurate as possible" in terms of height contour lines discretisation. Like 30 cm, 1 m, 5 m or less than this... And if I use the less one, my result gonna be better?

Thank you.

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Hi Lucas,

The appropriate height contour equidistance to use in CFD simulations can vary depending on the specific requirements of the simulation and the characteristics of the wind flow being modeled. In general, the height contour equidistance should be small enough to capture the important details of the flow, but large enough to ensure computational efficiency.

I think there is a gain by having high-resolution elevation maps, but you have to be careful, particularly for high-resolution CFD models.
If the maps have strange elevation spikes, the CFD model will pick up on these and affect the simulations badly.
So, you could end up wanting to spatially filter your high-resolution data and then lose the high-resolution benefits anyway.

But for proper high-resolution height contour maps, the limit is basically a matter of computational efficiency. I think that is why "less than 10 m" is mentioned, as this is a typical value considered high enough for standard cases without being too demanding.

Best regards,

WAsP Team

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Hi Stefan.

Thank you for the support.

What I'm doing first it's to use WAsP linear to understand if my high resolution it's computational efficiency and compare the results with another resolutions. So after all I will run WAsP-CFD. But was afraid off the WAsP CFD doesn't run with hight resolution.

Best Regards,


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