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Wasp Error


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Please contact the WAsP team at Risø for assistance because ...  
    could not start the application because ...  
    could not display the splash startup window because ...  
    could not refresh the licence status because ...  
    could not refresh the licence information because ...  
    the system reported that: 
    'Object variable or With block variable not set.'

Please copy the report and send it to technical support.

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Hi Mustafa,

This error has been fixed in our latest WAsP Suite installer. You can download it here:

It works for both WAsP 12 and earlier versions. If you have an earlier version of WAsP, simply install the newest WAsP 12 version using the link above, but keep your old installation of your earlier version of WAsP.

You can read more about this error in our news article here:

Best regards,

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