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Resource grid error


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I am doing a WAsP project on a large area and when I try to calculate the resource grid with resolutions less than 100 ( more than 1,000,000 calculation nodes) I get an error saying "must close or hide topmost modal form first".I don't exactly know what the problem is, but the calculation are done without any error when I increase the resolution above 100. I can't reduce the area since I have only one met. station in the area. can anyone please explain what the problem is and give suggestions on what to do to use finer resolutions in my resource grid calculations. Thanks.
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I've never heard of this before.

Which version of WAsP are you using?

I think we'll need to have your project (or at least your grid) in order to debug this. Can you email to WAsP support . As for Duncan in your message and it will be assigned to me. We'll open a support case.

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