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Wasp12 fails to open old TAB files


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Dear all,

this is just to announce the results of a recent issue solved in close collaboration with WAsP support (thanks, Morten):

When trying to open old TAB files (still generated by Wasp5) with Wasp12 we obtain error messages saying:

could not open the OWC data file because ...
sorry. WAsP can only work with OWCs where the sector one centre angle is zero because ...
the system reported that:
'Invalid sector 0 offset.' "

It turned out that this was caused by the third line in the TAB files, where Wasp5 has added lots of space characters to separate the entries, in order to align them nicely. However, Wasp12 apparently can only handle TAB files which contain no more than four space characters between the first and the second entry (i.e. sector count and wind speed scaling factor must be separated by four space characters or less).

This problem has already been forwarded to the developers, so probably it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, if you don't want to edit old TAB files manually, it's also possible to use Wasp11.6 for opening Wasp5 generated TAB files.
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