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WAsP heat flux parameters


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Hi all

I am conducting assessment of a site, located on altitudes around 2700-2800 metres. I have two met masts and measured average air temperatures are around 3-4 degrees of celcius. Icing happens too much on anemometers.

For shear modelling, we don't rely on mast measurements too much because of icing. Therefore we are considering to model the shear with WAsP version 10.2. However we are not sure about the default values of offset and RMS heat flux parameters could be representative for the site. In this case should I adjust the parameters, if so how can I estimate the amount of adjustment?

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Dear Caglar,
This is a tricky one, since we use the mast measurements to adjust the heat flux parameters for the site (most often only the average or offset value). There is no simple way of relating the WAsP values to what would have been measured at the site, and there is also no simple relation to modelled heat flux values.

Could you not find some period(s) of data where you could look at the wind profiles?

My general experience is, that the default heat fluxes work quite well in most cases, but not knowing anything about your site this is not very helpful... Anybody else in your region who might have some experience?

Best regards,
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Dear Mr. Mortensen

Many thanks for your reply.

Then I have one more question, how can I estimate the required heat flux parameters based on the mast measurements? I have two masts and one temperature/RH sensor on each mast (two temperature measurements on the site in total) With this information, can I somehow calculate the required heat flux parameter to be used on WAsP?

Unfortunately we do not have much experience about the wind shear or stability on the project location.

Kind regards
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