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Is there any easy way to make roughness map ?


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I am an energy engineering student. My thesis is finding power density in our university.

I have done something, but i dont know they are logical or not.

I am using google earth and global mapper for orograpy map. Making contours , and i can use easily in wasp.
But, when come to making roughness map , it is a problem for me. I am making roughness map , with this steps.

1)Open orograpy map file with wasp map editor. (And in Wasp map editor , like you expect , there is no roughness value , but z value is full )
2)Tools - Map image - Digitize . I am selecting contours and giving values manually.

After that , file - save as- wasp wap. And i am using it in Wasp 12 , or wasp engineering.

This is true , right ?

Is there any easy way to do this roughness map ?
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Dear WAsP user,
The two traditional ways of making roughness maps is 1) by digitising in the Map Editor using a background map image, or 2) by digitising in Google Earth and then edit the lines in the Map Editor. Both methods are described in these course notes http://orbit.dtu.dk/en/publications/wind-resource-assessment-using-the-wasp-software-dtu-wind-energy-e0135(259e26f3-1828-4e3f-9c37-17de375cd057).html (Appendix C).

Map Editor 11 can further vectorise raster land cover data and make them into roughness maps (File > Import > Grid maps). I have used Globcover raster data to make roughness maps this way. In the next Map Editor 12, there will be an additional option to download GlobCover and Corine land cover maps and change them into roughness maps.

Best regards,
WAsP support
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